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Research Team

Principal Investigator

Sapun Parekh

Assistant Professor

Department of Biomedical Engineering

T: +1 512-232-3466

Office: 4.202E, BME Building




Arsalan Nisar

4th year BME undergraduate student

Join the MMOB!


We think molecular science is awesome.  If you think so too, we are hiring multiple graduate students* and Postdoctoral fellows in the lab on the following topics:

1.  Nonlinear microscopy and spectroscopy

​2.  Imaging molecular structure and mechanics in liquid-liquid phase separation in neurodegeneration (in collaboration with Jasper Michels (MPIP), Edward Lemke (EMBL/Mainz), and Nick Fawzi (Brown))

3. Imaging protein structure in cells and biomaterials under mechanical deformation

4. Imaging lipid composition from in cells and tissues related to athersclerosis and diabetes

Please contact Sapun Parekh ( with your CV, letter of motivation (<1  page), and a list of references. 

* Prospective graduate students not currently enrolled at UT Austin MUST apply via the UT BME graduate program through the Graduate School. If you are interested in a PhD degree from the Max Planck Institute, please contact Sapun Parekh directly.

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